Broken item in shipping?

While our goal is to have zero damaged shipments, breakage does happen time to time due to the nature of glass items & shipping. In the rare event that 1 or more of your items please contact us as soon as possible for a replacement. PLEASE USE CARE WHEN OPENING YOUR PACKAGE. A BROKEN GLASS CANDLE WILL BE SHARP AND COULD CAUSE INJURY.

Wrong shipping address?

It is your responsibility to make sure you enter the shipping address correctly. Please double check your addresses to make sure they are correct. Especially if you are sending these as a gift. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible if you incorrectly enter the wrong shipping address. We have absolutely no way of knowing if a shipping address is correct or incorrect. If an item cannot be delivered and is returned to us, it is your responsibility to pay for the item to be re-shipped. If you happen to catch that the shipping address is wrong BEFORE the item ships, please send us a message and we are more than happy to enter the correct shipping address for you. Thank you for your understanding!!

How do you ship your items?

Most of my items are shipped USPS Flat Rate mail and shipping is FREE in the United States.

Summer time shipping...

Due to the fact that candle wax can melt, please be sure in the hot summer months to have someone there to receive your packages when delivered or have them held at the Post Office for pick up.

I am purchasing several gift sets can I send them to multiple addresses?

Yes, If you can please purchase them separately per ship to address that works perfect!!